Applying For Mortgage Loan Can be Difficult For Manufactured Homes

Applying For Mortgage Loan Can be Difficult For Manufactured Homes

These kind of housing are built in factories using a non-removable steel chassis.

Compared to site built homes modular homes, manufactured homes are less expensive and oftentimes decrease in value over time. Since these parts are not always placed on a permanent foundation, applying for a financing or a re-finance can be more difficult.

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Compared to applying for a finance for a traditional house, home financing for manufactured homes can be more difficult . Besides, the interest rates and duration of the payment is higher than that of traditional types of homes. The main reason why it is difficult to get a finance for this type of house is the depreciation of the manufactured house.

Moreover, payments for this kind of financing depends on the interest rate that you are paying. Some of the factors that determines the amount of Stafford VA mortgage that you will get are your credit history and your monthly income.

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There are a lot of loan options for this type of housing, but the interest rates are a little higher. Likewise, you have to specify if the loan is just for the manufactured home alone or the one which includes loan for the house as well as the land.

Since manufactured home financing is different than that of a ‘stick built’ home or a modular home, construction lenders have different requirements in manufactured home financing. You have more financing options and lending companies to choose from unlike in the past. Make sure that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of this kind of loan. It can be tough but with a little help from your agent you can get the best offer.